Sunday, 28 October 2012

How to increase thump in Royal Enfield?

About 80% of Royal Enfield UCE owners have same question in their mind that "How can i increase the thump in my new Royal Enfield UCE?"

 Due to exhaust emissions, pollution norms and taking care of international standards for export models Royal Enfield Developed an engine inspired from International Market – “The Unit Construction Engine” which is a Euro IV compliant engine.

However, as exhaust emissions get tighter by the day, so do the noise limitations. In order to achieve both and do so comfortably, the modern Enfield has an engine of unit construction (engine & gearbox in one unit).

Right from the design itself, it is supposed to provide more refinement (meaning less noise and vibration).

So, to only way to increase the thump in Unit Construction Engine Is the “Short Bottle” free flow silencer which traditionally came with the Standard Bullet since we’re seeing bullet on indian roads.

Short Bottle is a perfect fit for new engines as well as the older ones as it has some kinda relation with “The Bullet”. You can install any silencer on your bull but none can satisfy you as the Short Bottle.

One can also go for Goldstar/Indore Silencer as they are know for there quality built and quality sound.

Short Bottle Silencer

GoldStar Silencer

Long Silencer

Punjab Silencer

Why not Long Silencer or Punjab Dholki..?
Read This :

Before installing the Short Bottle/Goldstar/Indore Silencer make sure that your bullet has completed few thousand kilometres. After installing a short bottle you’ll obviously need to rejet your BS29/UCAL carburetor if UCE or Mikuni VM-24, VM-28 if CI engine for consistent performance.
Visit the Service Center or Consult a mechanic for rejetting of carburetor.

Enjoy the thump…

Dug, Dug, Dug,Dug…..…